Has it really been that long?

Happy Fourth of July, Blog and WordPress Fam! I hope you were able to celebrate today with good friends, family and summer foods! I’m glad to be back and I’m hoping to be able to post updates more often.

God has not ceased in showing me His goodness and I’m looking forward to sharing the amazing things that He’s done in my life and the new discoveries that have enriched my walk with Him.

Quick update:

My test results have been normal and my dr has moved my 3-month appointments to every 6 months! That’s an answered prayer in the steady healing. I’m not declared “cured” as of yet. I need to hit the 5-year mark (which is in 2017) before the dr’s determine that the cancer is under control.  But until then, I’m enjoying a new normal and even embracing the regular ups and downs of Southern California urban life.  🙂

Also, my daughter passed her first educational milestone by graduating elementary school. They call it culmination and all kinds of new terms. Pfft. I’m old school. Looks like a graduation to me!

Watching her walk that stage gave me a new experience as a parent. For those of you who have teenagers, you’ll know what I mean when I say it “hit” me. It’s a numbness of feeling stunned that I’ve taken care of her for so long and now she’s really moving on to the next stage of development, academics and life accomplishments. To know that I was there for her graduation in good health is truly a showcasing of God’s wonderful grace to give us that time together.

Okay, I’ll let you get back to your festivities! I will need to look at where I left off and start sharing more updates soon!


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