Celebrating “Normal.” Over a year of tests.

I started this health journey and confrontation with cancer in 2011. I read through a few of the early entries in my personal journal. One of the first people I called after getting the confirmation of the diagnosis  was a pastor at church. I wrote that he said, “I don’t know what God has for you [in this trial].” Boy, was he right.

I started follow-up appointments in November 2012, after chemo and radiation treatments were finished. My assignment was to go to the dr every three months for routine tests and occasional scans, blood work and one outpatient procedure. This foto has snapshots of the letters with test dates, showing that the results came back “normal” every time.

Letters from the hospital showing medical test dates. The foto on the left column shows that test results were all "normal."

Letters from the hospital showing medical test dates. The foto on the left column shows that test results were all “normal.”

I am thankful that the Lord walked with me through the stress or emotional tension that usually surrounded these appointments. I would usually have to take time off from work, which would remind me that I was still dealing with this health issue. But the Lord would be with me, through the commute, the parking lot, the cold waiting room, the lab visits, even with the familiar smells of the hospital lobby, the clinic’s television and lights. He would celebrate with me when it was over and show me the hand sanitizing pump by the exit as my reward.

My dr recently said that since all of my previous tests have been “normal,” then I can scale back on seeing being tested so often and my visits have been spread out to every SIX months, instead of three. I just have to praise God in how faithful He has been and kept me company every step of the way. I would not have three sample letters that show “normal” if it weren’t for His grace and strength to see me through those repeated examinations.

If you in the beginning or middle of your health confrontation, I pray that you are encouraged that the Lord already knows what lies ahead for you and your family. But don’t rush to make everything appear okay and miss out on the precious moments that you would not otherwise have with Jesus, if you didn’t have these situations with which to rely on Him. I personally know that it’s not easy. But God is not one to relax. He will show up to your need, each and every time, with each and every step. I pray that you can cherish the hard times and look to God as a “normal” source of strength, relief and encouragement.




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