The small, loud joys of this week

If I could bottle up the small blessings for this week, shake it vigorously so it bubbles up in confetti and fireworks, I’d package it and ship it to you.

Not all the posts need to be deeply spiritual. Here is a short list of the wonders of the last few days that I wanted to share with you. I hope this encourages you to look around and appreciate the really little things that most people race by.

*Took my daughter to a dentist appointment. She had several cavities that needed work since last year, but I didn’t set the treatment dates because of the out-of-pocket cost that overwhelmed me. (yea yea, i know, bad mommy). Dentist was gracious enough to do extra work and didn’t bill us for it. What a blessing to our health.

**Bonus: her father voluntarily sent a text that he would help with the cost of her dental work. Believe me, that’s a miracle.

*A friend sent a $50 Target gift card! She said that the Lord put it on her heart to give it to me and my daughter. The timing could not have been more perfect. I’d been meaning to get leggings for my daughter but the bills kept choking it out of our budget. That extra money got her one pair and other things she needed. Praises for provision.

*I learned what “blanch” meant when fumbling with brussel sprouts, a recent favorite of my daughter’s. Thankful for blogs that have cooking enthusiasts who explain things in three steps or less. I NEED THOSE POSTS!

*Target has onesie pajamas .. for grown ups! AND i saw a Batman one. I know. I can’t take it either! 🙂

*I heard Andrea Bocelli sing “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Nuff said.

Okay, one more. I was able to eat a dish with onions in it. [I used to be allergic to onions and garlic, a side effect of radiation. True story.] Anyway, I was able to eat it without bloating or other incidents.

What are your small, loud joys? Small to others but BIG to you!




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