The Last Ten

I was taking inventory of my life. this week’s theme is “The Last Ten.”
last ten pounds: i have ten more fat pounds to kill before reaching the ideal, non-diabetic weight range. it’s usually the last ten that people struggle with. it’s so cool that i’m at this point.

last ten years: goodness gracious! i can notably label the last ten years as the most exhausting and unstable period of my life. (insert maniacal laughter here. eye twitch). after seeing it, it really turned out to be a fun prayer. in the last ten yrs:
*moved 5 times
*went through 3 cars
*3 to 4 ‘boyfriends’ or watever you kids call them these days
*3 banks
*2 to 3 cell phone numbers

I am so thankful that the Lord is bringing me around the bend and that important people in my life are around to see it. buh-nanas. Is this fun or wat?

I pray that you can look back on the last ten years and see how God has stood up for you, walked with you through the storms, rejoiced with you in the blessings. May you see and appreciate that He is the right Source and the right Result.




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