37 and Why I’m Not Shy To Tell People

I’m the exception to the rule that you shouldn’t ask a lady her age. Wait, let me clear this up. Not bec i’m not a lady! Because I made it to this age and stage in my life. I have so much to be thankful for!

The hardship season with cancer treatment gave me the gift of perspective and raised my eyes to the wonderful opportunities of praise and confrontation that would not have otherwise stepped to the foreground of my life, if it were not for that trial.

Last night, I prepared a small dinner for my daughter, as she sat at the dining table, blasting music from the laptop, working steadily on her homework. I went to bed early with a book that I’d been wanting to get into.

It might sound like a simple evening. But what it took to get to that level of stability in my life has been miracle and mercy from the Lord. Who would have known that He would take me halfway around the world, after all the moving around I did as a kid, from the confusing situations and sudden notices of change, that He would lead me to this wonderful church to finally hear clearly His Gospel and get saved?

Stumbling through the obstacles of single parenthood, trying to make the right decisions for my family, purposing to have a peaceful, Christ-centered home, learning about God’s promises and design for family – all of these efforts have been challenging, sometimes, a struggle. Multiple sessions of prayer and brokenness, re-surrender, and getting back  up after each time with new, fervent prayer for more of His grace.

Knowing all that He has done for me, I’ve no reason to mask my age. Do you realize what He brought me out of?

I get the social niceties and it’s tongue-in-cheek that I kid about age. When I turned 30, I trained my daughter to say I was “29 forever.” But honestly, I couldn’t wait to get into my thirties. My twenties were dented and smeared with so much drama, instability, reckless emotion and uncertainty. I was happy to get into the age that made more sense to me. (I’m kidding, again, sort of).

Because of my growth in the Lord, I probably went through the most change between 31-34, with the Holy Spirit constantly steering me to path of making firm decisions for God. The calm before the storm was 35. Thirty-six was hard. It included cancer treatment and early stages of recovery. I would actually skip the number altogether. I would just say, “I’ll be 37 in ‘x’ months.”

And here we are now. 37. The amazing work and covering of love that God has done in my life shows up in quiet dinners and powerful messages in Scripture. That’s why I’m not shy to say, “I’m 37. And let me tell you what He has already done for me…”

I pray that if you haven’t trusted Jesus as your Saviour, then don’t wait until your next birthday. You can do that now!

If you have already trusted Christ, then ask Him to show you something new and wonderful in this year of life.




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