I’m not ready yet.

I was asked to counsel girls who came forward during invitation at Vacation Bible School. I talked with two second-graders who had sweet curiosity about God and how much He loved them. When it came to praying the prayer of salvation, one little girl looked up from a long pause and said, “I’m not ready.” I was disappointed, but I just nodded to show my understanding.

Sometimes, we hold on to our hurt (and sin) because we’re not ready to let go. I learned from this little girl’s moment of honesty that she was actually starting her relationship with the Lord in her admission. She’s not ready.

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit work on her heart and bless her understanding to eventually accept Christ in her heart and life. We don’t have to be fully prepared. With big change and long-term emotional baggage, we can even identify with it so closely that we become convinced that those dented beliefs are who we are.

We need a starting point, just like this little girl. God says we don’t need to have it figured out. He also says we can trust Him.

What one hurt do you hold so closely that when you’re steered to let it go, you yank it back, hold it close and say, “I’m not ready yet?”

Could you give it to the Lord today and show it to Him? Will you allow Him to take a look and have His Holy Spirit ease your heart about the space that this hurt is taking up?

I pray that you’ll try today.



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