Do-Not-4C Formula of Gratitude

Have you ever been so tired that you can’t even form an opinion? They said I would feel tired during chemo and radiation. But I didn’t know tired until I went through it.

God’s grace and mercy really comforted me through that difficult time. I had to rely on people more than I wanted to.

But I was at a point of such fatigue that I had to weigh it out: either my daughter gets provided for by a brief visitation and a meal drop-off or I kid myself into thinking I could stand for ten minutes in the kitchen. God showed me a deep level of gratitude and a gritty humility that I felt kept me close to the Lord. He showed me the “Do Not 4C Formula.”

Do not COUNT. Have you had to repeat yourself and gotten frustrated? “That’s the the third time I had to tell her” or “How many times do I need to repeat myself?” God showed me His mercy and that counting the number of times we communicate something shouldn’t be our biggest gripe. I am thankful that I serve a God who doesn’t keep score.

Do not COMPLAIN. I learned that complaining is a luxury. You have to be healthy enough to complain. Complaining is what healthy people do when they skip prayer.

Do not CRITICIZE. Counting and complaining use their cousin of criticism to add more bitter spice to an already sour situation. Being sick can make people grumpy. When they don’t feel well, they won’t treat you well. Criticizing is actually a burst of energy that diminishes recovery because of the release of hormones and stimulating areas of the brain that are associated with dissatisfaction. Plain, simple requests for help will get the job done faster.

Do not CONCLUDE. The fastest path to disobedience is our own conclusion. There are a lot of subjective situations and compromises that are made during recovery. Illness and emotion can affect our ability to think clearly. It’s also easy to think that our less-than-100% will not change. In my case, inflammation could only go down with time. Since then, I’ve been blessed to make strides in my nutrition, sleep and perspective on my important relationships.Proverbs 21:30 says, “There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord.”

Set my eyes on the Lord. Practice being thankful for the entirety of your circumstances, even the difficult parts. And expect God to show Himself and His will through those harships.

Psalm 62:5 reminded me, “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.”


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