Three A’s That Open the Door to Healing

When healing from toxic relationships, I found three A’s that have started the path and process of healing.

1. Acceptance
Sometimes, identifying that we’ve been wounded is the first step. In physical rehabilitation, therapists will assess range of motion and strength. Knowing where we are, admitting to our condition or brokenness is a key step.

2. Apology
If we’ve been betrayed or if we are in a misunderstanding, words and tempers can inflict immediate damage. Saying we’re sorry, or hearing an apology and asking for forgiveness opens a door to communication and cooperation.

3. Absence
Ever decided that it was best just to walk away? Silence on a controversial matter and perhaps leaving the situation altogether are wise final answers to hurtful and abusive situations.

Which one of these have you had to use in your life?


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