Body, Beauty and Budget: Three “B’s” to Starting Over

Isn’t it nice to have something new? After a trial in our lives, when the smoke clears, we start to enjoy seeing things differently. The three B’s of body, beauty and budget took on new meanings for me.

BODY: It wasn’t just about appearance. I wanted a new and lasting level of fitness that I could realistically manage at any stage in my life. I wanted to explore different ways that my body would respond to food combinations, exercise training and the ample amount of rest that we tend to heroically shortchange ourselves.

BEAUTY: I like nice things. I also like nice intentions. I appreciated imperfections on things and people as a way to take in something in its entirety and mark it as beautiful. Authenticity and uniqueness, a calm and meaningful presence became what was attractive to me. I preferred tainted over trendy. Preferring the responsible over the romantic.

BUDGET: It used to be a word that meant “limits.” The wonderful discovery is that a financial budget means freedom and peace of mind. It gives us a sense of control and reasonable anticipation. It sets boundaries (probably a fourth “B” that could’ve made it to this list) and gives us installments of progression in financial goals.

What is it about your body that you’ve always wanted to change but can now just accept?

What have you disliked that you can try to view as beautiful?

What mindset do you need to change about setting boundaries for your money?



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